Butter and Deli Meats

While our winter stock is invariably lower than what we can offer in the Spring and Summer, we are definitely listening to your requests and working hard to provide the types of groceries you are looking for. It took a little bit of time, but we are finally able to offer some more gluten-free options! We just got in a new order and it has a lot of the items you–our loyal locals-have been asking for. We now have:

  • Lunch Meats
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Gluten-Free Waffles (Van’s) & Muffins (Udi’s)
  • Amy’s Burritos
  • More Frozen Veggie Options (non-GMO project verified)
  • Nancy’s Cream Cheese
  • Nancy’s Kefir
  • Organic Valley Half & Half
  • Protein Drinks
  • & More!

Come by the store and stock up on the essentials. Don’t forget to check out the Wine Club, hosted at DGM every Friday from 4-6. And we now offer mimosa’s and wine by the glass in the cafe. You can also grab any of our specialty beers and enjoy it with your yummy sandwich in our cafe. See you soon!

Frozen Section

Dairy Case

Good Belly Probiotic Protein Drink

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